Lighting Your Home

Lighting arrangements in a home needs carefully planning. Lighting should not be too bright or too dim. If there is improper lighting, ylou will feel uncomfortable while working. So opt for safe and pleasant lighting to enhance beauty of the room and your home as well. Here are useful tips for the choice of lighting

Incandescent and florescent lights are mainly found in homes. Incandescent lighting includes a light bulb whereas florescent lighting consists of tubes. Incandescent lighting is warm and yellow. It is one of the least energy efficient lighting. You can control amount of lighting by using dimmer switches. Florescent lighting is soft and gives shadow free light. It is economically easy to use than incandescent lighting. This lighting is naturally white.

Three levels of Lighting Used in Homes
  1. Low-level lighting: It is used for relaxation or for watching TV.
  2. Moderate-level lighting: It is used for short time such as for eating, doing exercise etc.  
  3. High-level lighting: It is used for complicated tasks.
Keep Reading Lamps at Height of Shoulder
Reading lamps should be at the height of shoulder. If you write with your right hand, place the lamp at left side. Then it gives you a shadow free light while working. Do opposite if you are left handed. Use ion-max lamp for reading as it produces natural lighting and reduces stress from eyes.
Use Strip Lighting/Lighting Fixtures in Bathroom
Always place light in right direction so that it does not reflect shadow. You can use strip lighting or lighting fixtures around mirrors for proper illumination. For general use, you can install one or two central lights.
Use Task Lighting to Enlighten Particular Place in Kitchen
Kitchen lighting is very crucial to make cooking experience a pleasure. Using ceiling lights in kitchen has become old fashioned. Now a day various arrangements like lighting on counter tops, sinks, cabinets are available.  And even you can use task lighting to enlighten a particular place in your kitchen.
Apply Accent Lighting to Focus Artwork in Living Room
Different types of lighting such as task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting are used in living room. Task lighting is used for reading whereas general lighting is used for watching television. Accent lighting is used to focus on any artwork or decorative pieces.
Candles, Colorful Silk Lanterns in Dining Room
Use chandeliers, candles, colorful silk lanterns and ambient lighting in dining room as they look good when they are enlightened. These lightings make the room aesthetically attractive and give tranquil effects in dining room. 

Place Night Lamps on Both Sides of Bed in Bed Room
Bedroom lighting should be planned in such a way as it creates relaxing and romantic environment. Place night lamps on both sides of bed as it gives aesthetic look to the room. Chandeliers create warm feeling in the room. Up lights and hanging lights look beautiful in bedroom.


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