If you think your kitchen is in dire need of a fresh lick of paint but you don't have the budget for a complete overhaul, never fear. There are many ways quick and simple ways to renovate your kitchen without making a dent in your savings.

Update your cabinets

What cabinets you choose could make or break your kitchen, and being on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for anything less than your vision demands.
Although it's completely possible to find doors to fit your budget, replacing the cabinets in your kitchen will likely be the costliest part of your revamp, so this shouldn't be a decision you take lightly.

Get new lights

Good lighting is one of the easiest ways to switch up the atmosphere in a room. Lighting can help set the mood, define your style, and bring attention to all the wonderful artwork and architecture you may have in your kitchen.
The number one priority when designing your kitchen is to make sure you adequately light your task areas: "If you have an open plan kitchen where you prepare food, eat, and relax, you must treat each section as a different room and light it accordingly.
"You must also make sure to consider how you'd like your kitchen to look during different hours of the day so make sure you lights are all on separate circuits."

Make a feature wall

Feature walls may have fallen out of trend in recent years, but they do remain one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to freshen up your decor without having to completely redecorate.
For kitchens with a dining area, a feature wall can help to highlight the area and set it apart from the rest of the room.

Hire a Professional 

Hiring a professional interior designer could help you understand the modern trends. Also he can guide you in understanding all above. Also can suggest 
budgeted substitues available in the market.


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